Thursday, July 27, 2006

Dreams come True

So, Its the hottest summer I've ever seen in my nine years of steadfastly living in London..And I've been off work for about a month now, with roughly another month to go..

I quit GS and decided it was time to test the waters..What can I say? I'm truly blessed and I'm starting with Macquarie in August. Didn't have a job when I left GS but I know the God that I serve- I wouldn't/couldn't be left hanging..

So now- back to the summer..Spent some of last week @ the Big apple...did some shopping, sightseeing et al and came back.

Now, I discover that I'm a bit of a workaholic- I miss being at work.Most of my friends are at work-Thank God for Toby Martins, she's been my comrade so far..and I couldn't have asked for better really..

So, today..I'm sitting at home, with absolutely nothing to do.I'm sure I have a to-do list lying around somewhere but I'm in a sorry state of inertia..and it's so HOT!!

Oh yes and I lost my phone AND all my contacts so reaching out is that much more difficult..I hear you ask: What do you want to tonight? All I can say is: " I NEED someone to creatively take me on a date.." Dinner and a movie will not cut it today..Why are guys these days so conventional? What happened to the guys who used to be interesting and creative? Shoot! Maybe it's me? Have I morphed into this un-pleasable being? I doubt it? But I just have so many questions unanswered. The summer is perfect! I have time off work! In fact, I'm being paid to have time off work..and no its not a holiday..Some people would say I have it all..On second thoughts, I think I do..I Thank God for the amazing opportuntity he has given me..

I think I'm going to go for a swim..