Wednesday, March 28, 2007


So you urge me to walk your way
Even though you know I cannot stay
It hurts me so to see you wait
Especially since I have to go

Last night, I watched you sleep
Snoring soundly to my pulse
Burying myself in your embrace
I willed you strongly take your leave

You light my world with just one look
Your eyes the window to my soul
But can't you see it wouldn't do
To place my heart inside your keep

The dress I bought will shake your world
This date will rage your loins no doubt
But as I turn and say goodbye
This time will be the final bid

March On..

So on a surprisingly fine the end of last March
Spring time just kicked in.. the air rife with the thought..
At Butler Wharf they meet, these two dear strangers of mine
I know them both well, a bit at the least
And from a distance I watch as they dine and make feast

Says one to another- chirpy banter they make
As the real drama plays out ..unspoken and as silent as night
Thing is..I can read both their this is classic at best.
The Lion and the Virgin, oh dear..what will they say?
Still watching and smiling, my head in a twirl..

As different as peas, this way and the next
The mystery palette painting a picture of clues
The rebel in a bottle and yea shy of hints
The conservative giggler, distrusting as any
Yes, three peas in a pod..Him, Her and Myself

What if he asks her to dance and she waves him away
Fiery Nigerian girl with so much to say..
And if the wine doesn't take him so far
Will his notions die out unborn and dismayed

And if she asks him to tell as the Lion thinks it
Will he think her intrusive, English man with the spirit
Before the wine takes him so far, the challenge will be
Can he show her himself, relaxed and unguarded

The questions abound as the meal fizzles out
These two strangers of mine still chirpy at best
Guarded, politely, they go on and on
The spoken, the unspoken ve all come out to play
Parallel and unnoticed in this unhealthy unison..

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Life is so delicate
This is brought home so much more when you lose a loved one
One minute someone's there and the next they're no more
I lost an aunt today..
She left home like everybody else, rushing to a meeting she didn't know she would never make
I can imagine her asking her driver to hurry on as she headed to Kaduna from Abuja
In a split second..Everything changed..
She would be no more...

As I sift through my memories of this aunt
I remember how I held something against her for so many years
However implicit, I would have sunk if I knew I didn't forget before she left
Thank You Lord for bringing her to me last year
What if she died and I hadn't let go?
What if I held on to the insignificant yearns?

She had her struggles, no doubt
But Lord I hope she learnt to focus on you..But Lord I hope she learnt to focus on you..
Did she remember to pray as that meeting dwelt on her mind this day?
Has she gone to be with you?
That's all that matters doubt

All the dreams, worries and strife..
All vanished with her last breath today
The meeting, promotions..that new house
Do not figure any more
I think about all the what if's
If she had known that today would be The Day..

How can I make the best of today?
How can I learn to live and love every being I come across?
Father, I need not complain but focus on you
Who knows the day My Day will be nigh
The date inscribed on your heart..of course
Known only by Father, Son and the Holy Spirit

Whatever happens Father-I am not afraid
You've sent me here to do your Will
I'm constantly falling off the rails
But doesn't matter because I've given my life to you
Say the word Father-and I'll be Home

The thing that terrifies me-I know
Is the loss of the ones that I hold most dear
Father-I'm not ready for this
So please I plead-Father-spare them daily with your Grace
Let them live till they are Ninety plus eight

Who am I that you are mindful of me?
Father Lord-You give and you take
Aunty Ego-your memories abound
Rest in perfect peace-I urge you this day
Life is so delicate
Nothing's as it seems.


Sometimes, I want to be a bird..
Free to explore my flights of fancy
Unrestricted and unhindered by the laws of gravity
The sky will be the limit
But I reckon I'll find a way to transcend beyond that
When it's cold, I'll be off in a bleep
No rules except the ones that nature's imposed
I'd like to be a bird.

I think I'd be an eagle
The Queen of the skies
Sharp eyed and sharp witted..
Love me if you dare
Strong and bold, fearless no doubt
Yes, I'd be an eagle..
Catch me if you can tis what the game'll be

And when it's night and the moon's in power
I'll transform into the owl
Wise beyond my years, knowing all always
Again my eyes will be piercing
Searching and sighting those things which most creatures ignore
Test me and see..
Seek my counsel and learn.
The wise owl that is me will always perform

Of course when my love draws near
I'll be the nightingale reborn
Sweet, beautiful..True melody abounds
I'll drive him beyond senseless with the music I spout
Colourful and chirpy,he can never be down
Never nervous cos he's sure
I'll always be back

I will be all three birds but will still really be me
Seasons will change and days will be years
But God, Life and Love will always stand true

Thursday, March 01, 2007


One one hand..I'm in love with Love. On the other hand, I'm afraid to fall..Instinctively, I try to hedge....
What on earth is wrong with me???

Have often heard that the things we fear the most come to pass..

Read this book and both the guy and the girl knew that this was "it" cos they had both seen each other in their dreams..Have heard so many people say that they knew this was "it" instantaneously..Surely that would eradicate the need to be weary?? lol

Maybe not??

Do we really get more sceptical as we get older? Scary stuff..

I just don't want to know..

Maybe I think too much...

Thing is if I didn't really care-then I wouldn't really think?

I guess as we get older, we want more..but isn't that just really have to set the standard
Where does one draw the line?

Why do so many marriages fail? Surely, they thought this was "it" at some point..
Arghh-one can't do this without God.

Ha ha- sounds good huh? Until that red neck walks into your life and demands of you that heart that you've so fastidiously kept..
And hand it to him on a plate..

Why are women so gullible?
Who is true and who is not?

How is this all supposed to work again?
Most women want so much but yet so little...
We all have the "child" in each one of us..If you don't understand the child, you can't understand the person.

Why does it all have to be so hard?
Seeing an old couple the other day made me cry..They looked so happy, content

I think its very important to be able to laugh and cry together, if not
What is the point?

To be fair, sometimes I really don't really get me..
How can anyone else stand a chance?

I'd rather die alone that rot slowly as one half nothing
Why do so many people get it wrong?

Do people change? Too quickly too notice?
When does the drifting begin?

Admittedly, when it works, it works..
Every time I see a couple that's made it work..I feel butterflies in my stomach
Yes, she knows how he likes his meat cooked and his coffee made.
And he knows the day before it is that time of the month..

I haven't learnt to be content
I have never been content

I'm seriously confused..
I'm leaving this to God.
And yes it is the easy way out
Why not? I know it will work!

Questions, rambles..
I've managed to give myself a headache..

Note to Him...

Lord, teach me to rest in you..
Help me to trust in you
Incite in me the will to always obey..
Because without you, I don't want to know

Sometimes I feel like its creaking
My weakness will always betray me
How can I learn what I do not know
When I do not know that I do not know?

I know the passion within me
And I pray that you teach me to fathom
The necessity of watching you lead
Moment by moment through this world and the next

Dear Lord, I'll always be grateful
Even when I often forget to acknowledge
I'm in love with Love
And in love with You.