Saturday, November 26, 2005

It's freezing
I'm a tropical being..
I feel the need to hibernate..
Naija where are you???

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Silent Thoughts..

You reinspire me

So remarkably
you rekindle me

So contentedly..
I give you everything

When I look at you..
I think..

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

And it the end..
It does all really matter..
I can't wait to look back and smile..
The world is ours..
What to do with it now?

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Act 2

Music's playing in the background..
The tune's so rich..
Goose Pimples..
Something expodes..
Everything's quiet..
She steps beside herself..
Suffice to say..
Words are useless..
Curtain falls..

And again..

I feel a knot in my insides
Something's not right..
I've learnt to trust my insticts.
They prove right..again and again..
The ability of man to disappoint is one that
Intrigues me again and again..
Sometimes, I cant even trust myself to
do whats right for me..
I find myself on that road again..
Where I need to contemplate the pits
That may lie so incospicuosly before me.
But then again, history has proven that
I'm not the most rational of people..
But trying telling that to a clamp..
I've seen it unfold in my head.
The pessimist that I can be..
I dare you to prove me wrong.
Besides,I know the rules..
Most of them written in stone..
I could ramble forever.
All I know is one thing..
Something's not right..
Alarm bells are ringing in my head..

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Stranger in our midst..

Stranger in our midst..
Where have you come from?
Three nightfalls ago,as we dined under the moon's light..
You became us
And we became you...
...and for a split second, for a moment in time..
Everything was perfect..just as it should be..
As we linked hands under the moon's embrace,
In acceptance of the path laid before us..
It all made sense..
And one cannot help but wonder?
What if our stranger had chosen a different path?
What if we had moved on too soon?
Before the doubts threaten to ruin the harmony..
We are reminded..
All is as it should be..

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Sometimes, I wonder where I learnt the art of saying so much, yet revealing little or nothing?
When I think about the thoughts et al which I have never shared with a soul..I marvel..
But then again, I've learnt to be my own best friend..
Perhaps, one day I'll trust another enough..
To bare my soul and unburden my heart..


Sometimes I want out of this struggle..
The constant battle to validate oneself.
Can result in mental fatigue in more ways than one..
The thing is you dare not forget
Cos the race will go on with or without you..

Sometimes I feel the need to sleep and dream for awhile..
Waking up, seemingly painful..
However inevitable it might seem..
The thing is you dare not oversleep.
Procrastination is only a short term remedy..

Too many questions running around in my head..
Cross roads converging to assumedly taunt me..
Sods law up and running as smoothly as usual.
Where do I go from here?
And what happens next?

In times like these, I hope on "The Rock"
He's all that's left...
Besides the fickleness of man..
Grant me the serenity..oh God.
I pray daily.Amen again and again..

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Funny how Time flies..
But when you think about it..
We also change so much in so little time..
God grant me the serenity.

What's in a song?

Tonight, I sing a new song
Simply because tomorrow brings with it a new tune..
I think back to old chords, sung and unsung.and I appreciate
Because my History is part of who I am and who I will be someday.
And as I close the book of things past
To allow it rest on the shelves where dust resides.
Don't be fooled..Because I do it
Nostalgically but willingly..
But that was a moment ago.
As I look to the future..
Thoughts of new tunes come to my mind
And I grow a spring in my step.
I hold my head up high..
I throw a whistle to the wind.
I'm not looking back,that's for sure.