Friday, September 28, 2007


I had a really weird dream last night…I woke up panting…
Tossing and turning indecisively…my mind deliberating..
Caught between this world and Peter pan's
Compare and contrast these rhythms, not blues..

Refusing to give in to the desire within..I give in whimsically
The door's left ajar and I peep in..breathlessly
What it is that lies within moves me to tears
The forbidden fruit plagues me o'er so tirelessly

Crying my heart out..ever so decidedly
Resolve was quick on the questions suprisingly
The fate that haunts me I did dare to find me
The sweet nectar of it all I now vow to enjoy

Awake in a flash..while the memories abound
Lying there motionless…confuses me paradoxically
Back in the real world and the shivers resume
Long term the forbidden fruit will leave me not unharmed..