Wednesday, August 22, 2007


As another year euphorically comes knocking at my door..
I apprehensively behold the visitor that I must embrace with open arms
Quarter of a century now, and I still feel less than two score ans
But I smile in the knowledge that where it counts…I’ll live on
Pondering and expecting the mysteries to come..

I’m still on the road where one must learn to Love God, Live Life and Love Life..
And flipping the pages one year back, I laugh at the one at my door
Because I am learning and loving this journey to who knows what.
Peeping through the keyhole is such an arduous task so..
I’ll continue to love today’s girl knowing that TG is safe and warm in His Embrace..

I remain eternally grateful to all the ones who continue to love me regardless..
Undeservedly, I pray that when 26 comes knocking this time next year..
I still continue to count you amongst the ones I love regardless of what may or may not..
Nothing more to say..
Here’s to God, Here’s to Life, Here’s to Us