Tuesday, September 19, 2006

On Timing...

It just hit me that Timing is Everything..
I've read it in the Bible many times but don't think I ever got it.
The wrong idea at the wrong time just will not work
Eating the wrong things at the wrong times- Absolute disaster
The wrong bar on the wrong day- Social nightmare
The wrong job at the wrong time- Career Limiting move
The wrong guy at the wrong time- Emotional Rollercoaster
The right guy at the wrong time- What a waste?
The wrong guy at the right time- Semi-permanent damage.

The permutations are endless..One minute later and your miracle would have strolled past you.

How can anyone leave anything to chance? The iterations are programme-boggling..

Nah, just can't take the chance.Thanks God for God and the way He directs our path.

Mind Boggling? Wonder how many life changing miracles I've strolled past in disobedience?

I won't even start...!!!

BOLL..Pre-exam rambles..Any excuse to promote incoherency..

Today or so far at least has been one of those days when I'm Bullish on Life(BOL) but I can feel something in the back of my mind gnawing away at me like something 's wrong.I'm desperately seeking a panacea but I'm quickly running out of options. I have this exam today and I pray I do well..That'll obviously go a long way in relaxing the muscles that are tightening in my belly..I'm generally never stressed about exams but this one is irritating cos it's not all that intuitive..Learning random things can be such a bore.Besides, when this is under my belt..I immediately graduate to new level and really the there's no glass ceiling..

I also hope I'm not using this exam as an excuse for something else that is bothering me, but I'll see come 7pm tonight..

Amazing how God continues to touch up His masterpiece that is my life..I'm always left wondering what's happening next.It's amazing to wake up and fall in love with Him again and again..

I can only contemplate and probably don't understand what it means to love Him with your heart and soul- But I sure plan to give it a try.I read a chapter in his Book today that literally gave me butterflies in my stomach..Almost like a massage coming from the Master Himself..He always knows what I need to hear and when I need to hear it..

I can't say that I fully understanmd what's going on in my head or my heart but I know about eagle's wings so no point stressing it..

I guess I did ask Him to sort out my head and my heart...I can only truly achieve my Destiny if I defenestrate all the "I" in me and trust with absolutely EVERYTHING..

Lol..That sort of makes me laugh because it's sure more difficult than it sounds..Then, I'm reminded that everything he's promised is within my reach..

Just need to learn to love him with All my heart and soul.In a world where we're increasing learning to use and trust our heads..all I ask for is Grace..

Anyway, mid-revision rambling definitely hepls clear one's head out.lol.Sometimes, its just great to write as one thinks..Who makes the rules anyway?

Anyway, I'm Bullish on Life and Love and all the Great and Amazing things that'll come with it..

I can't see the future but all I can do is capture the past so that I can look back and smile..


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Human Nature- Ironical?

So, for the last few days, some us have been utterly transfixed by the realgist blog. Personally, ,I think it has been one of those experiments that expose the contradicting faces of human nature..Most of the stuff on there was vile, people's parents were even brought into it..The characters were taken apart and discredited with every line the "editors" spun.On the part of the more than willing audience, we didn't do anything to dis-popularise the site. Even those shouting "foul" "foul" "foul" have to admit that they logged onto that site more than once. Surely, if we really belong on the moral high-ground that we steadfastlly claim to stand one..We'd have only spared one peek..I think sometimes there are discrepancies between who we really are and who we actually think we are! Comment after comment slandered and cursed the unadmittedly devious writers but surely most of us have to take responsibility for the part we played in making the site the raving success that it was..

Bad news travels fast..Bad Gossip travels even faster..and the worst thing about it is..We all love it..As long as it has nothing to do with us..

I didn't agree with the concept of the blog but I was too human to leave a chastising message- After all, I had to ponder the indiscretion of my fingers who frequently crept back to the site to read the latest update.

The internet can be an ugly place..Bad gossip can be very entertaining.as long as it doesn't happen to YOU..!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Monday Blues..

After a weekend of serenading, imagine my irritation at having to spend the whole day in an Options pricing class..I wish the lecturer was a tad bit interesting..I just hope I learnt enough to pull off that I attended the course..Good news- Day one is over. Bad news- Three more days to go..

Also found out that there's a Nigerian buka-on -wheels @ Liverpool Street. I had J-rice,fish, plantain and beef..(weird but true). All of this cost me 5 quid..Not bad I must admit..But considering that carbs are bad for you..I doubt If I'm going to be one of her loyal customers..So I'm standing in the queue and a blonde petite girl walks up to Madam Buka and asks her if she sells Thai food? I'm like "try reading the signs"..I guess some people just think that anything post-English pretty much tastes the same..The woman should have sold her some hot efo and ewedu plus amala..And I'm sure she'll never forget the difference..

Anyway, for a second today..I don't think I was very Bullish on Life but all it took was a quick reminder and I'm back on track..

I'm off to a Thai restaurant..I hope don't get served efo when I sit down to dine.lol

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


The weirdest things happen to the simplest people, or so I like to think..
The last two weeks have been mad in so many ways, so I thank you for building this bridge
SA really isn't all that far..
So I guess I'l be seeing you soon..lol
There's probably so much I'd love to write
But for the sake of simplicity I'll say
Thanks for coming the extra mile(or 3000 miles as the case may be)
Fly Safe...


So I've abandoned my blog as I do..now and again..What can I say? I've been busy..
Moving on, I'm back at work and I'm ready to take the bull by the horns..
Every now and again, we all resort to making resolutions which we often do not stick to.
Well, this time I've decided to adhere to the rather abridged resolutions I've now set for myself.
As with most of these things, you need to work towards a goal..and therefore need to define what success will mean in that space..

Another year is coming to an end.Where on earth is time flying to?
Last time I checked I was a toddler..lol
I'm bullish on Life and Love and all the Little things that we all take for granted.
God's an artist, so I just love to watch him painting the masterpiece that is my life.

Thats the sole factor that gives method to m madness..