Monday, September 11, 2006

Monday Blues..

After a weekend of serenading, imagine my irritation at having to spend the whole day in an Options pricing class..I wish the lecturer was a tad bit interesting..I just hope I learnt enough to pull off that I attended the course..Good news- Day one is over. Bad news- Three more days to go..

Also found out that there's a Nigerian buka-on -wheels @ Liverpool Street. I had J-rice,fish, plantain and beef..(weird but true). All of this cost me 5 quid..Not bad I must admit..But considering that carbs are bad for you..I doubt If I'm going to be one of her loyal customers..So I'm standing in the queue and a blonde petite girl walks up to Madam Buka and asks her if she sells Thai food? I'm like "try reading the signs"..I guess some people just think that anything post-English pretty much tastes the same..The woman should have sold her some hot efo and ewedu plus amala..And I'm sure she'll never forget the difference..

Anyway, for a second today..I don't think I was very Bullish on Life but all it took was a quick reminder and I'm back on track..

I'm off to a Thai restaurant..I hope don't get served efo when I sit down to

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Confessions of a moody crab said...

lol! The girl asking abt thai food!!LMAO!! Nice post i must say