Sunday, April 22, 2007

We ponder..

Sitting at my desk, right here and now..I wonder about time.Sometimes, the inquisitive me feels like I would spare a mess of porridge, Just to know, just to have a little peek at what the future holds. Would it make today easier knowing what the deal was with tomorrow?
I really don't know..but I'm sure there's a reason God protects us from the futureI need to learn to live in right here and now. The weekend is nearly Friday's future has become Sunday evening's past. It's all so intruiging how my future's rapidly become my past. All the had I knowns useless, sometimes even a second after..
I'm curious to know what tomorrow's me will have in store for us? What will happen today to make chisel and shape her from the me that's here today? Time has away of telling tales on the ones who's its been travelling with.. ? I just hope those tales take it easy and are pleasant on meOne word uttered cannnot be taken backOnce the ball's been set in motion.. Sometimes, we just have to sit back and watchI'm burdened by the me of tomorrow for some strange reason..tonight.. I'm hoping I won't let her down and be careul..I must..or will what will be, be regardless? I need to live in here and now.. But the she of tomorrow knocks at my door.. Perpetually..
What to do?

Sunday, April 15, 2007


I'm starting of this week - happy, sad, content, confused, torn up...I'm heading the way of an emotional wreck..Times like these cajole you to take the easy way out and not think..The last ten days have been amazing for reasonsI can't even begin to describe. Some things just feel right even when you don't even try at all..I always default tothe logical when times like these arise- but not this time..

HK- Thank you for being you and much more than that..We've gone and complicated our lives even more but you know what -I don't care..If there's one lesson we've learnt in the past week or so, then it's that we only have ONE life to live..And we both know we're not going down like that..Thanks for making me feel one with a world which only months back- would have been alien to me..Thanks for the conversations inspired by the diamond that is your heart..I'm grateful that you let me in..regardless..
Ours has become an intrinsically complex case..threatening to challenge the source of our identities..but sometimes, theend justifies the means..

Thank You..lets see how this tale unfolds..