Sunday, September 21, 2008


Practically three-quarters through the year and this has been a stellar year..the world as we know it has changed but never has it been so important to acknowledge and emphasize that the source of our power is God and so even though all things shatter..we stand firm and strong..knowing that because He lives, we can face tomorrow and there is no such thing as fear..

As we surge towards the end of zero eight- we remain expectant..Loving God, Loving Love and Loving Life...

Monday, January 28, 2008


Night comes and I will My Own to come home to me..tired, exhausted, wasted..but willing and restlessly he seeks out my voice, different and distinct from all the cluttering that can ring in a Man's head. It leaves me panting and unsophisticated..but content and still..The skies are angry and darken but My Own is in my arms...rocking by the fire that is Our Love and the Strength that is Our Life...The clock ticks and I tuck him into Our Nest..and watch the lamp play with the angles on his firm, characteristic jaw..All mine, All here...I sigh..planting a kiss on that forehead that will worry if I cry..or if the bed bugs bite....I hear him stir in the dark and I feel him seek me out, unrelenting in his efforts as I groan silently, trying not to falter the art I have come to worship..Skin to Skin..he finds and knows me and I feel like its the first time again..just like I did the night before and the night before that....Through muffled sounds from somewhere inside I ask if He does..and He smiles that smile that is only for me..And that is Enough..hisss..and with another sigh He rocks me to sleep, sweet and rhytimically like I was a new born babe...and as I dry desperately hang on to these moments of bliss..before the light comes and I lose him to that world again..tearfully still, I tear myself away as somewhere inside, the voice reminds that He is mine and haste I must make for all must be at peace when he cometh home tonight..My Love, My One, My All