Tuesday, October 25, 2005

What will I bring?
When the trumpets consume me?

Who will I hold?
When the sea rages before me?

Who will I send?
To the corners that hide me?

Surely, as the sun rises from the west and sets in the east..
I know you will come..


This whole concept of "Time" utterly intrigues me.We listen to songs that preach "Do not let time pass you by", etc etc etc..Then we have the ones that say "Seize the moments" or even the random timeless quotes like "Time waits for no man".Needless to say that time is something that we all take for granted..Some people spend their lives hurrying and scurrying away, trying to hit theit "mirage" type targets..and they forget to lets say "Seize the moments"..Others, spend too much time analyzing and dwelling on the moments,which means that time continually eludes them..

But surely all this is subjective..Even the bible says that a 1000 years can be like one day to God, and vice versa..So maybe we measure our concept and perception of time relative to one another and our society at large..

I think sometimes about being in the "City Rat Race" makes you forget about what is important.That five minutes during the day spent on the phone to someone you love..that unexpected visit with flowers from someone who cares.these are not time consuming per say but provide memories that last a lifetime..

Reality is T:ime will wait for no one..We all have to ask for wisdom to do the right things at the right time..

I can't change yesterday..21:55 on the 25th October, 2005 is now a record in nature's eternal history book..I can afect 22:i5, and that's what is important..One miniscule "move" can alter the course of your life forever..

Sometimes I think about coincidence and how random moments in one's life line up to result in a seemingly thought out end.Weird..but I guess all things work together for the good of those that love him..

After all, the only factor constant in life is "change"..

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


The best things in life are free...
The past few weeks have been a dream
I want to appreciate right here and now..
Cos one day, you'll need to know

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


If you could hold me and whispher in my ears.
What would you say?

If you could write me a song.
What would words spring to mind?

If my life depended on it..
Would you give it?

If our love was a lie..
Would you leave?

Monday, October 17, 2005


It only takes a fraction of a second to bring me closer to you..
Strangers as we once were,oblivious as the wind.
And now in one, inexplicable moment..
The script is rewritten..
The cast is replaced.
Cynical as I am, I daren't forget that I've been down this road before..
But somewhere, somehow..
This is different.
It seems like forever since I last went down this road..
Youthful exuberance means that we forget the lessons we've learnt..
But who cares..
As long as we're together..
In this world and the next
This is the stuff that dreams are made of

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Another Fri night in London

So its another Friday night, and the cycle is ending where it has begun. I haven't seen my phone in almost twenty-four hours, and It hasn't been a thing..This Fri night was amazing though..Saw the World,or at least some of it from the London Eye..then walked down the embankment,sauntering to the sounds of the keys being struck by this woman and her piano..Had the most amazing dinner as well..All in all, I appreciate a night well spent..especially compared to many a night that have been spent brooding and delirious (maybe ~I'm slightly exaggerating)..

Merci beaucoup...

Here's to many more chilled ones..

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

African Art

So I went to the Sainbury’s Gallery at the British Museum today….I was confronted by an array of mixed emotions. On one hand, I was proud..Proud to be African, particularly Nigerian..As I listened to the curator narrate the colourful tales behind some of the art work (metal work, pottery, bronze sculptures, fabrics, modern art), I was drawn back to the days when Benin and Ife were Empires to reckon with..When the Kings were worshipped not because they were corrupt but because it was as assumed not only that they were chosen by the gods, but they were stronger than all other men and animals..The bronze work from Benin told tales of a time when we were the centre of trade,when men were men, and when values were engraved in stone..When I looked upon those pieces, I not only saw the beauty, but I appreciated the time, precision, hard work, patience, commitment that went into these amazing carvings (for want of a better word).

Then what about the history behind these pieces..I felt ashamed for not knowing more.As I listened to this stranger talk so passionately about “a people” whose blood run through my veins…I felt like I had not done enough..Our heritage is being diluted as we pass from generation to generation, and there’s not much being done about it..Ok, we study history at school, but all is soon forgotten..Even worse for those who are raised here..they don’t stand a chance..You look at the sophisticated and expertly moulded pottery. Every marking tells a tale of a time that was..These people were strong, they had knowledge, they were doctors, albeit traditional medicine..You had to appreciate the intricacy of the designs on the knives..Forget the samurai sword, we have even better…Apparently, these weirdly shaped knives were so valuable, they were used as currency in those days..The world is full of sob stories of Africa being deprived and backwards..but we need to take these stories with a pinch of salt.. We need to appreciate where we’ve come from to understand how far we can go..

I think I felt some pangs of anger..Angry that we had so much taken from us..then I felt stupid because I know that these pieces of “evidence” would not have existed if they were left in our care..

But after all said and done..I learnt a lot tonight, and I hope I just don’t leave it there..

Sunday, October 09, 2005


There's so much to live for..
I love being reminded of this..
the world is full of so much beauty..
So much to see,to learn..to absorb..
And when I find one who shares these passions..
Surely the world will be our oyster..

French Thoughts

So, this girl is rounding up a weekend in France. I've been in Paris, beautiful as usual..but I've spent the day exploring Fontableau, Baxtine, and a few other villages whose names escape me..Wow..is all I can say..I've been dreaming all day..I've seen the ideal castle for my wedding..yep.just as I've dreamed it..I've enjoyed french cuisine..had loads of rest..and even partied in one of these "chateaus"(not sure if the plural is represented like that)..

But now it's time for me to come home...I love going away..but I'm always happy to return to London Heathrow or Gatwick as the case may be..

I'm quite sentimental so its not long before i start missing my family, friends, and even the English weather..home is where the heart is..

LOL..What can I say??

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Who can guess the silent thoughts that invade my mind?
Who can imagine the silent cravings that consume my mind.?
Who dare anwser to the silent calls that escape my lips?
I wonder?
The answers lie beyond..
It's good to finally have things worked out in my head..
I know what I want..and there's going to be no compromise..
LOL..sure feels good..sure feels good..

Monday, October 03, 2005

Life Goes On

One minute a guy is your friend.
Next thing he starts to like you..
Then you push him away..
Two years later, you're still friends.
You know he still likes you..
A year from then, he smells the coffee.
He gets engaged, and you're not phased.
He gets married, and you raise an eyebrow..
Then he has a kid..And you're like wow.
The nail sinks in, HE's GONE..

So, you know your ex still loves you..
These feelings are not mutual.
Somewhere in sub-zero though...
You think you still have a stake...
Ok, he can't seem to keep a girl..
You're like wow..
When he's going to be over you?
You seem him out, once in a while..
Chemicals reacting at 98 deg celsius.
You call each other once in a while..
And pretend that all's well.
You're single, so is he..
All's good, at least on the surface..
You wake up one day to find him married..
Wow, shock, horror and more shock.
Another One Bites The Dust..

The train will move with or without you...If you hang on..you might get trampled..


We are a sumtotal of the memories we possess..We are born as templates, and the memories that we accumulate begin to define us..mould us almost..Imagine for a split second that one contacted amnesia..Your world would be blank..You don't know you're supposed to be beautiful, smart, loved, etc etc etc..You lose your benchmark, your rationale..The only reason we miss the "dead" is because we "remember" ..

Sometimes I think I live my life by this "rack up the memories" approach.. almost..As long as I have God, and he makes me sensible..then I can enjoy today..and look forward to tomorrow...

Sometimes we meet someone new,and we are so preoccupied by the future that we forget to enjoy "today".Brings me back to FEAR..

All things work together for the good of those that love him..so I'll catch my trips today, take what I can get..and let tomorrow work itself out..(Ha..or so I keep telling myself)

What if? Nah, never mind..

Sunday, October 02, 2005

One Sunday Morning

The message today can only be described as inspirational.. To receive the abundant blessings we think we deserve from God..we have to change our paradigms..We can all think we are "saved" but if our minds are not renewed, and we have not changed our paradigms..

And this thing about fear...What is actually the worst thing that can happen? I'm going to choose not to be afraid of whatever, whenever it comes...

Because really..What is the worst that can happen..especially whrn I have THE ONE on my side..
This has been one of the most amazing days I've had for a while..a very long while..I thank God for making it just right..and I thank "you" for making it mem orable..:-) I raise a glass to you!!

Life's full of surprises...

Saturday, October 01, 2005

October is Black History Month

I guess it's time to remember..appreciate..
and maybe time to return some of our antiques and ancient artwork to us...LOL..

October- First

I wonder if I'll be celebrating with the rest today..
I've lived one score and three so one can argue that I don't get the full picture.
I come from a land flowing with milk and honey..
A Canaan pregnant with God's promises..
But what do my people do..?
We all want the finest things and we want them NOW..
We ship away the raw materials for almost nothing and import the finished products for prices that make my heart bleed..
Our men our strong, smart, proud..the best in the land..
But I think it's time to stop selling our birthrights for a lousy mess of porridge.
Europe has nothing.No Gold,hardly any Oil..No Diamonds..
Africa has it ALL..
It's time to PUT a stop to this curse..
It's time to learn from the past and look to the future.
I want my kids to be proud of their land,their culture, their heritage..
I want to turn on CNN, and see the West coming to Africa to suck up and beg..
Look at China,oh, look at China..
They've crept up on the world and taken us all by surprise..
The biggest organisations are queuing up to mop up their feet.
The Giants of the World begged for years just to have them revalue their currency..even marginally..

Nigeria can argue that it is young..but I say accepting that "age" is subjective in itself..Oh wow.We "gained" our independence in 1960..
We still have not gained jack..Our leaders still have to go and grovel at the feet of the G7 every now and again..

Yes, and why we might all have grand plans for change and revolution..Lets all plant mustard seeds..If you've ever seen them, they are small and almost insignificant, but when they grow..You should see the mighty trees they become.

If we all planted mustard seeds..In our children, in our friends, in our communities, in our enemies..

Lets root out greed, jealousy, and all the things that divide a nation..We all need a VISION.."The African Dream"..I don't subscribe to tribalism..why be just from Delta, when I can be Nigerian.and why be just Nigerian when I can be American..

It's easy to go for talks and have fancy ideas, etc, etc..but our homes are still full of cobwebs..Don't marry this, don't marry that..WHAT?? Marriage is one of the strongest tools that we have..Maybe if more of the Hutus had intermarried the Tootsies, we could have stoppped a major African disaster..which the world never really cared about..I guess they don't have diamonds or oil in Rwanda..

I'm a sucker for a "well-spoken brother"..I can't even lie...Fine boys can only go so far with me..And that's cos we all need a voice..How can you expect to get listened to when you can't string words together intelligently? Come on?

Even in London, we don't have a voice.The 419..ners, and the "Odu" boys have managed to steal the spotlight..All the eloquent, well-educated boys are happily chilling in the background..content with their "local" achievements..RUBBISH..Even worse, some of them are no longer "Afrcan".. They think they're now British..LOL..Some people are just ignorant..Yes,I was born here, and yes I have a "BRITICO" passport..and my mum and her mum were born here..but the blood flowing through our veins have come from some "cute" village in Nigeria :-)

And that's why to some extent, I repsect African Americans..they recognise that there's a problem..and that's a good place to start..

It's time to stop thinking that having a couple of mansions in VGC, a cook, and a dog
is enough to see us through..The world is shrinking,and we need a VOICE...before we pale into total insignificance..

But we have hope..I mean we're invading the Investment Banks, the Law firms, the Oil Companies..Mustard seeds, all of these are..after all, a "VOICE" needs some sort of authenticity..Trevor Macdonald came to GS the other day..and my, what a voice..An over-suscribed event where people even had to stand silently as his voice infiltrated the auditorium..Imgaine what that kind of "POWER" can do

As we all toast to Nigeria's "independence"..lets not forget that we haven't really achieved that much..So please don't get intoxicated..there's still TOO much work to be done.