Monday, October 03, 2005


We are a sumtotal of the memories we possess..We are born as templates, and the memories that we accumulate begin to define us..mould us almost..Imagine for a split second that one contacted amnesia..Your world would be blank..You don't know you're supposed to be beautiful, smart, loved, etc etc etc..You lose your benchmark, your rationale..The only reason we miss the "dead" is because we "remember" ..

Sometimes I think I live my life by this "rack up the memories" approach.. almost..As long as I have God, and he makes me sensible..then I can enjoy today..and look forward to tomorrow...

Sometimes we meet someone new,and we are so preoccupied by the future that we forget to enjoy "today".Brings me back to FEAR..

All things work together for the good of those that love I'll catch my trips today, take what I can get..and let tomorrow work itself out..(Ha..or so I keep telling myself)

What if? Nah, never mind..

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