Tuesday, October 25, 2005


This whole concept of "Time" utterly intrigues me.We listen to songs that preach "Do not let time pass you by", etc etc etc..Then we have the ones that say "Seize the moments" or even the random timeless quotes like "Time waits for no man".Needless to say that time is something that we all take for granted..Some people spend their lives hurrying and scurrying away, trying to hit theit "mirage" type targets..and they forget to lets say "Seize the moments"..Others, spend too much time analyzing and dwelling on the moments,which means that time continually eludes them..

But surely all this is subjective..Even the bible says that a 1000 years can be like one day to God, and vice versa..So maybe we measure our concept and perception of time relative to one another and our society at large..

I think sometimes about being in the "City Rat Race" makes you forget about what is important.That five minutes during the day spent on the phone to someone you love..that unexpected visit with flowers from someone who cares.these are not time consuming per say but provide memories that last a lifetime..

Reality is T:ime will wait for no one..We all have to ask for wisdom to do the right things at the right time..

I can't change yesterday..21:55 on the 25th October, 2005 is now a record in nature's eternal history book..I can afect 22:i5, and that's what is important..One miniscule "move" can alter the course of your life forever..

Sometimes I think about coincidence and how random moments in one's life line up to result in a seemingly thought out end.Weird..but I guess all things work together for the good of those that love him..

After all, the only factor constant in life is "change"..

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