Sunday, October 09, 2005

French Thoughts

So, this girl is rounding up a weekend in France. I've been in Paris, beautiful as usual..but I've spent the day exploring Fontableau, Baxtine, and a few other villages whose names escape all I can say..I've been dreaming all day..I've seen the ideal castle for my wedding..yep.just as I've dreamed it..I've enjoyed french cuisine..had loads of rest..and even partied in one of these "chateaus"(not sure if the plural is represented like that)..

But now it's time for me to come home...I love going away..but I'm always happy to return to London Heathrow or Gatwick as the case may be..

I'm quite sentimental so its not long before i start missing my family, friends, and even the English weather..home is where the heart is..

LOL..What can I say??

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