Friday, April 29, 2005

Tobi wrote this for me- bless her!

now she lays herself to sleep
her mind is hollow thers no one wit strenght for her to borrow
yet she has so much to give,
she is a reflexion of luv,& passion of the good things in life even as she sleeps
her heart seems to skip a beat, as memories of the ones lost come flooding back like water thru a creek
subconcious, she longs for a soul of virtue to call her own
one that is meek and not weak, that possess the attributes of her father
one who's strenght isd known
however, in the mist of the uncertainties that bubble inthe deep
lies this hope for her to keep
the precious stone that makes her spirit glow
theres more of her father in her that she knows

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Watch her go

She comes into a crowded room, yes people stop and stare
Not because of the pretty face, there's just something from within
She glides across the space between, a knowing smile on her lips
From the corner of her eye, she catches the men looking on in awe
And their women jealously stealing glances her way
Head held high, exaggerating her beautiful slender neck
She searches for her deserving niche
Of course she's not the prettiest, she doesn't even have the slimmest frame
So what, they wonder makes her hold your gaze
She is an African queen
Wonderfully and cheerfully made.
Her breasts are not the largest, her stomach not the firmest but..
Her eyes are radiant as the sun encrusted in a smooth, symmetrical caramel face
Nipples stand taut and firm, daring you to have a look
The curves on her, she works like magic with every twist and turn you watch her make
Still, still. what intoxicates you is her confidence..
She knows she is beautiful, doesn't care what you think
Her body is a temple, only the brave dare draw near
Sculpted to the makers taste
Yes, she's an African Queen.

I know

Its all too easy to complain
The grass is rarely ever green enough
But every now and again
I have to stop and acknowledge
Acknowledge the one who made me
For I am perfect in his eyes
He knows the contours of my being
Every single facet of this self
Sometimes I break into a song
Cos I know there's only me
People never really understand
What lives beneath that charming smile
No matter what you think of me
It'll be as it was meant to be

Friday, April 15, 2005

Just Because

Getting on a plane is always an emotional experience. As my seat belt is tightened around my waist, I wonder with mounting curiosity what it is that lies before me. Unknown lands to explore, strange faces to register, foreign cultures to acknowledge, and in those moments I marvel.Cos there is one that knows it all, the one that knows the beginning from the end, and the end from the beginning..So I stop, and ponder the privilege and pleasure of being owned and directed by such a being. He's overwhelming yet patient, consuming yet kind, omnipresent yet focused…And I smile..cos I know that because he lives, I can face tomorrow..

I need not worry or sweat about what lies ahead.I break out in a smile..As I rise above the clouds,I acknowledge that he has made me the head and not the tail,I know that for me, even the sky is not the limit..and then pause..I sense the nagging of a thought contrary, and I know it's the dark one trying to convince me that my sins can never be forgiven.I start to falter, but I remember the word, and that he died to set me free..and I ask the devil to flee.He can not rest within..

On the journey, back, the cycle is complete…I reflect on the familiar faces, previously unknown, all the street names that used to be letters in a map..and I know that the Lord is good..and that his thoughts towards me are those of good, and not of evil to bring me to an expected end..Halleluyah..I rest my case.


All eyes are cast to the future..
Pondering the should be's, the could be's and the would be's
But sometimes I look to now.
And right now.
I'm glad you're here

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

What's in a phone call?

I was sitting in the lobby of the Sherlock Holmes.
Sipping on a low fat mocha
All was fine..except..except
This twinge at the back of my mind
I tried to reach out, but couldn't quite make it..
Why wouldn't I go home
Sitting all alone was being no fun.

Suddenly it hit me.
I was waiting for his call
As the train pulled slowly out of Farringdon
I could hear the words ringing in my head
'I'll call you back"
Subconsciously, I waited
But my Nokia 7610 sat silent,
In my newly acquired Hideo Wakamatsu bag.
Surely, I wasn't upset
Of course, it didn't really matter if he called
Desperately trying to convince myself.

Finally, my phone rings..
Heart leaps, I peer into my bag.
It was my ex.
I rush him off the phone.
This was no time for an anti-climax

As I tearfully went to bed that night
Cursing and binding the day that I met him
I vowed to have my revenge,
In this world or the next.
Halfway to Neverland
Not sure if I heard a ring
I watch myself pick up the phone
He says hello..
I smile..
And reach out my hand to Peter pan...

Monday, April 11, 2005

Just another day..

Yesterday was just like any other day..except
Strolling down West end lane, hands swinging by side..
No cares in this world…
I bump into this dark-skinned brother, lean, tall..
Dimple on left know how I like them...
Ten feet away form me, our eyes meet…Pause
And I struggle to regulate my breathing
I look away, walk past, making sure to unnoticeably reduce my pace..
He has the knowing smile on his face as he strides past this awe stricken sister..

Now we're moving in opposite directions..
I reflect..Should I stylishly swing around
Has he gone too far..Have I missed my chance??
Why didn't he stop? If only I knew his name..
Sighing, I resolve to stealing one last glance..
Ninety-five degrees later, I stop, shocked..
He hasn't moved..he was standing there waiting..
Ecstatic I turned around..I walk towards him
He's waiting at the exact spot where his path crossed mine..
I'm smiling, eyes sparkling..watching him stand akimbo, the slightest grin to his lips..
My heart's racing, my head pacing. but my legs..moving like I'm early for work..
Wondering how to break the ice..I realise I needn't have bothered..
His lips have parted..He's he's uttered his name..
I blank out for a bit..

When I wake up, we're having coffee in Costa..
One day later, dinner for two
Day after that..Movies
Three days later, he's my man..
I'm glad I turned around...I usually wouldn't have..
He lives down the block from me... Has done so for the last 7 years

My man's not perfect, and neither am I..
But ten years later..Three kids and a dog..
I'm so happy one day was not like the rest..

The hard way..

Didn't ask you for money
Didn't ask you for diamonds
Didn't show you my bills
All these, I'll get in time..

Don't degrade the memories we shared
Don't undermine the time we invested
Don't mock the feelings we acknowledged
By saying all we had was a"fling"

Ok, I didn't have your ring
Ok, you didn't call me wife
Right, the world didn't know
But why must you hurt me so?

You were the only one
My friend, my love, my life
I would have given all
And now you mock my name

Sure, I've learnt my lesson
To another guy's demise
Please don't call me baby
Until you want the world to know