Tuesday, April 12, 2005

What's in a phone call?

I was sitting in the lobby of the Sherlock Holmes.
Sipping on a low fat mocha
All was fine..except..except
This twinge at the back of my mind
I tried to reach out, but couldn't quite make it..
Why wouldn't I go home
Sitting all alone was being no fun.

Suddenly it hit me.
I was waiting for his call
As the train pulled slowly out of Farringdon
I could hear the words ringing in my head
'I'll call you back"
Subconsciously, I waited
But my Nokia 7610 sat silent,
In my newly acquired Hideo Wakamatsu bag.
Surely, I wasn't upset
Of course, it didn't really matter if he called
Desperately trying to convince myself.

Finally, my phone rings..
Heart leaps, I peer into my bag.
It was my ex.
I rush him off the phone.
This was no time for an anti-climax

As I tearfully went to bed that night
Cursing and binding the day that I met him
I vowed to have my revenge,
In this world or the next.
Halfway to Neverland
Not sure if I heard a ring
I watch myself pick up the phone
He says hello..
I smile..
And reach out my hand to Peter pan...

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