Friday, April 15, 2005

Just Because

Getting on a plane is always an emotional experience. As my seat belt is tightened around my waist, I wonder with mounting curiosity what it is that lies before me. Unknown lands to explore, strange faces to register, foreign cultures to acknowledge, and in those moments I marvel.Cos there is one that knows it all, the one that knows the beginning from the end, and the end from the beginning..So I stop, and ponder the privilege and pleasure of being owned and directed by such a being. He's overwhelming yet patient, consuming yet kind, omnipresent yet focused…And I smile..cos I know that because he lives, I can face tomorrow..

I need not worry or sweat about what lies ahead.I break out in a smile..As I rise above the clouds,I acknowledge that he has made me the head and not the tail,I know that for me, even the sky is not the limit..and then pause..I sense the nagging of a thought contrary, and I know it's the dark one trying to convince me that my sins can never be forgiven.I start to falter, but I remember the word, and that he died to set me free..and I ask the devil to flee.He can not rest within..

On the journey, back, the cycle is complete…I reflect on the familiar faces, previously unknown, all the street names that used to be letters in a map..and I know that the Lord is good..and that his thoughts towards me are those of good, and not of evil to bring me to an expected end..Halleluyah..I rest my case.

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