Monday, April 11, 2005

Just another day..

Yesterday was just like any other day..except
Strolling down West end lane, hands swinging by side..
No cares in this world…
I bump into this dark-skinned brother, lean, tall..
Dimple on left know how I like them...
Ten feet away form me, our eyes meet…Pause
And I struggle to regulate my breathing
I look away, walk past, making sure to unnoticeably reduce my pace..
He has the knowing smile on his face as he strides past this awe stricken sister..

Now we're moving in opposite directions..
I reflect..Should I stylishly swing around
Has he gone too far..Have I missed my chance??
Why didn't he stop? If only I knew his name..
Sighing, I resolve to stealing one last glance..
Ninety-five degrees later, I stop, shocked..
He hasn't moved..he was standing there waiting..
Ecstatic I turned around..I walk towards him
He's waiting at the exact spot where his path crossed mine..
I'm smiling, eyes sparkling..watching him stand akimbo, the slightest grin to his lips..
My heart's racing, my head pacing. but my legs..moving like I'm early for work..
Wondering how to break the ice..I realise I needn't have bothered..
His lips have parted..He's he's uttered his name..
I blank out for a bit..

When I wake up, we're having coffee in Costa..
One day later, dinner for two
Day after that..Movies
Three days later, he's my man..
I'm glad I turned around...I usually wouldn't have..
He lives down the block from me... Has done so for the last 7 years

My man's not perfect, and neither am I..
But ten years later..Three kids and a dog..
I'm so happy one day was not like the rest..

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A.Ball.of.Yarn said...

That was a really well-written and emotive post.