Monday, October 03, 2005

Life Goes On

One minute a guy is your friend.
Next thing he starts to like you..
Then you push him away..
Two years later, you're still friends.
You know he still likes you..
A year from then, he smells the coffee.
He gets engaged, and you're not phased.
He gets married, and you raise an eyebrow..
Then he has a kid..And you're like wow.
The nail sinks in, HE's GONE..

So, you know your ex still loves you..
These feelings are not mutual.
Somewhere in sub-zero though...
You think you still have a stake...
Ok, he can't seem to keep a girl..
You're like wow..
When he's going to be over you?
You seem him out, once in a while..
Chemicals reacting at 98 deg celsius.
You call each other once in a while..
And pretend that all's well.
You're single, so is he..
All's good, at least on the surface..
You wake up one day to find him married..
Wow, shock, horror and more shock.
Another One Bites The Dust..

The train will move with or without you...If you hang might get trampled..

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