Tuesday, September 19, 2006

On Timing...

It just hit me that Timing is Everything..
I've read it in the Bible many times but don't think I ever got it.
The wrong idea at the wrong time just will not work
Eating the wrong things at the wrong times- Absolute disaster
The wrong bar on the wrong day- Social nightmare
The wrong job at the wrong time- Career Limiting move
The wrong guy at the wrong time- Emotional Rollercoaster
The right guy at the wrong time- What a waste?
The wrong guy at the right time- Semi-permanent damage.

The permutations are endless..One minute later and your miracle would have strolled past you.

How can anyone leave anything to chance? The iterations are programme-boggling..

Nah, just can't take the chance.Thanks God for God and the way He directs our path.

Mind Boggling? Wonder how many life changing miracles I've strolled past in disobedience?

I won't even start...!!!

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