Saturday, November 05, 2005


Sometimes I want out of this struggle..
The constant battle to validate oneself.
Can result in mental fatigue in more ways than one..
The thing is you dare not forget
Cos the race will go on with or without you..

Sometimes I feel the need to sleep and dream for awhile..
Waking up, seemingly painful..
However inevitable it might seem..
The thing is you dare not oversleep.
Procrastination is only a short term remedy..

Too many questions running around in my head..
Cross roads converging to assumedly taunt me..
Sods law up and running as smoothly as usual.
Where do I go from here?
And what happens next?

In times like these, I hope on "The Rock"
He's all that's left...
Besides the fickleness of man..
Grant me the serenity..oh God.
I pray daily.Amen again and again..

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