Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Sometimes, I want to be a bird..
Free to explore my flights of fancy
Unrestricted and unhindered by the laws of gravity
The sky will be the limit
But I reckon I'll find a way to transcend beyond that
When it's cold, I'll be off in a bleep
No rules except the ones that nature's imposed
I'd like to be a bird.

I think I'd be an eagle
The Queen of the skies
Sharp eyed and sharp witted..
Love me if you dare
Strong and bold, fearless no doubt
Yes, I'd be an eagle..
Catch me if you can tis what the game'll be

And when it's night and the moon's in power
I'll transform into the owl
Wise beyond my years, knowing all always
Again my eyes will be piercing
Searching and sighting those things which most creatures ignore
Test me and see..
Seek my counsel and learn.
The wise owl that is me will always perform

Of course when my love draws near
I'll be the nightingale reborn
Sweet, beautiful..True melody abounds
I'll drive him beyond senseless with the music I spout
Colourful and chirpy,he can never be down
Never nervous cos he's sure
I'll always be back

I will be all three birds but will still really be me
Seasons will change and days will be years
But God, Life and Love will always stand true

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