Thursday, March 01, 2007


One one hand..I'm in love with Love. On the other hand, I'm afraid to fall..Instinctively, I try to hedge....
What on earth is wrong with me???

Have often heard that the things we fear the most come to pass..

Read this book and both the guy and the girl knew that this was "it" cos they had both seen each other in their dreams..Have heard so many people say that they knew this was "it" instantaneously..Surely that would eradicate the need to be weary?? lol

Maybe not??

Do we really get more sceptical as we get older? Scary stuff..

I just don't want to know..

Maybe I think too much...

Thing is if I didn't really care-then I wouldn't really think?

I guess as we get older, we want more..but isn't that just really have to set the standard
Where does one draw the line?

Why do so many marriages fail? Surely, they thought this was "it" at some point..
Arghh-one can't do this without God.

Ha ha- sounds good huh? Until that red neck walks into your life and demands of you that heart that you've so fastidiously kept..
And hand it to him on a plate..

Why are women so gullible?
Who is true and who is not?

How is this all supposed to work again?
Most women want so much but yet so little...
We all have the "child" in each one of us..If you don't understand the child, you can't understand the person.

Why does it all have to be so hard?
Seeing an old couple the other day made me cry..They looked so happy, content

I think its very important to be able to laugh and cry together, if not
What is the point?

To be fair, sometimes I really don't really get me..
How can anyone else stand a chance?

I'd rather die alone that rot slowly as one half nothing
Why do so many people get it wrong?

Do people change? Too quickly too notice?
When does the drifting begin?

Admittedly, when it works, it works..
Every time I see a couple that's made it work..I feel butterflies in my stomach
Yes, she knows how he likes his meat cooked and his coffee made.
And he knows the day before it is that time of the month..

I haven't learnt to be content
I have never been content

I'm seriously confused..
I'm leaving this to God.
And yes it is the easy way out
Why not? I know it will work!

Questions, rambles..
I've managed to give myself a headache..

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