Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Sometimes, the iterations in my head just mean that I make life more complex than it needs to be. This is my first blog this year but I feel like its been a long year already. Lagos was fantastic and I wish I could do it all again. The atmosphere is just brimming with so much energy, you can't help but get infected.For the most of it, Nigerians still haven't changed and I have to include myself in making this gross generalisation.All most single people talk about fall under the broad heading of Money and Marriage! Money-I guess I don't mind as much but I'm sick of talking about Marriage. I don't have a boyfriend and I'm not entirely sure I'm ready for one yet. Marriage is not something I want to even venture near for the next couple of years so I really would like to live my life without having to be constantly reminded that I'm getting older and the few good men are diminishing at an increasing rate. As far as I'm concerned, Marriage is difficult and most marriages fail because of the delusions that have intrinsically affected the people around me. Sure, I'm a hopeless romantic but I also think that marriage can be the dire source of a rude awakening. Pessimistic-I know..All I'm saying is that we can't live out the rest of our lives waiting out for the one who might just be a figment fed to us all those years ago when we were Disney addicts! I want to go skiing, sailing, hiking...I want to travel to Asia, Australia, and Africa extensively..So much to do, so much to see..And so little time..

Being Human, it would be great to have that someone special who can immortalise the memories and make me feel like Walt Disney was a fake. So this year as far as New Year resolutions are concerned, I've asked God to give me the strength to change one little thing in my life, day by day; eat healthier, stick with the gym, work harder at my job, make a difference in my family, be a little more patient and ask God for the Grace to walk the path...and yes at the back of my mind, honestly, The icing on the cake would be that guy who makes sense to me and who is prepared to honestly navigate this road; knowing that together we can make a difference to each other and our present reality. I want to be able to learn from him..and he has to be a tad bit open minded. I've decided that for this, I'm ready to forgo the whole marriage and "where are we going with this" conversation..As long as we're living and learning, it doesn't really matter. So as it goes, I still remain Bullish on God, Life and Love.I just don't want to feel like anyone's dragging me down to aisleland with a noose..

There are some amazing guys out there and I've met some of them..

I remain eternally grateful..

Anyway, enough of the rambles..

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