Thursday, May 19, 2005


Hello, who's on the line? I asked in a tone of mounting impatience…Still, all I could hear was silence. Usually, I would hang up..But it was a warm summer afternoon, the skies were blue, the drop-tops were on parade, and I was doing nothing, absolutely bored out of my brains..

I raised the pitch of my voice..I can hear breathing, "you might as well say something"? I barked into the phone. Next thing I heard was a click on the other end..I sighed in disappointment.."Another wasted phone call"..I whispered to myself, realising that I was waiting on a phone call from somebody, anybody to save me from this imposed state of inertia I found myself in..

MTV Base were playing the same old songs, my house was empty, and I was yearning for some activity..Scrolling down the names on my rather trendy 7610 for probably the seventh time that afternoon..E.F..G..M..still nobody sprang to mind..I was lingering on a 'P" entry when my phone burst out with the ever so familiar tune I loved to hear..Private Number, Hello? My voice slightly more receptive than it was the last time..I could hear somebody clearing their throat on the other end of the line..I could tell it was a guy..hmm, interesting, these things seemed to happen so much more in the summer..Anyway, he decided to say "Hi".."Can I speak to X, please?" I thought, what a lousy entrée..however, I said " Speaking" in the chirpiest voice I could muster..

The conversation that ensued was quite suprising..This stranger seemed cool, calm, charismatic ,even. It was almost as though he knew the right things to say, and my, his timing was perfect.We talked for three long hours…about almost everything..and nothing at all..He hadn't told me that much about his life, and obviously, neither had I..I was living on the edge, this could be a stalker, weirdo..even a murderer..I laughed at the weird images being conjured up in my head..Whatever..I thought, I was bored..and he must be an angel sent to save me from tearing my hair out..

Hmm,I wanted to speak to this guy another day..I had to give him something that'll make him come back for more..Afterall, men were hunters weren't they? I needn't have worried though..He had just asked if he could call me back the day after..I summoned up my hesitant voice."If you want to"..I muttered, meaning ..You had better call me,and ASAP!!

The next eighteen nights were spent speaking to this stranger night after night, three, sometimes four hours a night..By this time, I had started to wonder what he looked liked, Tall? Cute? Dark?.I hoped he'd be all these things, although something reminded me .."If it's too good to be true, it probably is"!!..I couldn't even tell my friends I was hooked by a guy whose face I had never seen..I would be made the laughing stock of the season..I decided that it was time to put an end to this nonsense..I would ask him on the date the next time he called me..I couldn't call him..I had told him that I didn’t want to have his number..

One weekend I was.waiting for my stranger on the middle of Putney bridge(cliché right? It wasn't my suggestion, really..It wasn't!)..We agreed to wear pink shirts just for the sake of it..So anyway..standing right bang of what I perceived to be the centre of this bridge, I looked around for a tall, dark, hunk of a guy..Nothing..I took my shades off..and still nothing..Collecting my thoughts, maybe he was late, maybe he was lost..Oh, I was such a fool..IF this ever got out..Maybe this was a prank??

Then my phone rang..It was the legendary "Private number"..My heart skipped a bit.I said hello..He asked me turn around..ok..STOP..I told myself..did I really want to do this? I knew if I didn't like what I saw, that would be the end of it..I mean..What would be the point??I felt him behind me, his eyes piercing a hole in my brand new,pink,Diesel top..I knew he could sense my hesitation..He had proven he could read me like a book..I wanted to swing round, but I just couldn't..Suddenly, I felt his hands around my waist..Hmm, Firm,,I could see his shadow on the ground beside me..good, he was taller than I was..He drew me to him..I blushed..My head rested involuntarily on his chest..Firm again..I closed my eyes..Now, I didn't care what he looked like..

I turned around with my eyes closed..I leant up to give him a hug..Wait..his hair felt different..Shocked, I opened my eyes..My guy was white..The blood rushed away from my brains..I was confused and clueless for a split second..He leant over and whispered a few words in my ear..I cracked up, put my hand in his and walked into the sunset..

It's been Five years of bliss…Of course we have our arguments differences, etc, etc..But I know he loves me, and I love him too..He cries harder when I cry, laughs even louder when I laugh..He's a guy's guy though..Can't talk when AC Milan is on TV..Won't let me watch Desperate Housewives in the weekend..But he never lets me forget that he's mine..I wanted Romance, Peace,A cute guy to call my own..He's oozes charisma, the most intelligent man I've met..He might not be the Dark guy I had wanted, but who cares? All that was in the past..

One last thing how did he get my number..Ahh..My friends knew all along!!

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