Monday, May 16, 2005

Truly Something

LOL.I'm in love..!! Truly, yes I am..Question is "Who is the object of this publicly professed affection".Hmm, maybe it would be best to delete the "who",and replace it with "what"..

Last night, I went to see John Legend perform at the Shepherd's Bush Empire..As this stunner's voice saturated the crowded auditorium. I was almost moved to tears..We're just ordinary people, we don't know which way to go..I had to close my eyes at one point, and feel the music penetrating my flesh, his voice consuming my being..Wow, I was out of breath..Sing, sing sing..

Song after song, he took me higher, higher..I knew I would dread the fall..Then he did it..So high..Lets go to the place where only lovers go…to a spot that we've never the top of the clouds we're floating away..Ooh.this feels so crazy..Ohh this love is blazing..Baby, we're soo high..Walking on cloud 9…Cloud 9, Surely I was higher..This man's piano was one with his voice..Just as I thought, his voice had reached its threshold, he would break yet another sound barrier..

I was afraid to open my eyes..the images conjured before me were provoking emotions in me that I didn't know existed..And we can't get much closer to God than where we are..My, Surely some day..Opening my eyes to the thousands of couples who were probably thinking that they were as close to God as they could possibly get,did not me..

In the midst of all this confusion, I realise that I too am in love with Music..I find that when I'm down, ecstatic, lonely, bored..I turn on my stereo, shed a tear or two.and I'm alive and kicking..The notes reach far beyond into corners only a guy would dream of..LOL..I'm so in love..An evening in with Boyz 2 men, Joe,Indie Arie, John Legend and Tupac can do more for me than most people can imagine..!! I go through all the motions, in just one night..Pain, Glee, Rage..Love..Beautiful really..Or is it on a Sunday morn, when the choir are ministering to my undoubtedly sinful soul..but there's something so serene and pure, even, about voices crying out to unison..No pride, no cynicism, just me, bringing all I have and am worth to his the music plays..

Last night was truly something..I was reminded that Friends come and friends go..Storms rise and winds blow..But one thing I know for sure..When it's cold outside..There's no need to worry cuz..I'm so warm inside..Music give me peace..When the storm's outside..Cuz we're in love I know..It'll be alright..Alright it's alright..

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