Monday, September 19, 2005

The best things in life are free

I woke up on a different side of my bed this morning. Watching ROOTS this weekend left me feeling somewhat mixed up and almost confused. But as I closed my eyes last night, I contemplated the word "FREEDOM". If God has given us the freedom to choose between right and wrong, how can anybody else deny us?Ok, admittedly, the "Kunta Kinte" days are far behind us, or are they really?? Are we slaves to money, other people's ideals, perceptions? Are we slaves to our friends, our jobs, our minds, our families?I don't know if I can honestly answer this question.Some may argue that it's about maintaining a balance.Others may say that the end justifies the means..Maybe in order to appreciate freedon, we all have to be slaves at certain points in our lives.But if you know you have a choice, maybe it makes all the difference?

Freedom is probably a relative term..We're all tied to something or the other..Maybe that's where contentment comes in...

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