Friday, September 23, 2005

Where does the Human Brain meet the Human Heart?

For some bizarre reason, I found myself pondering this today. How far does the brain go before the heart takes over? Or do they always preside simultaneously? I mean I can list countless instances where basic reasoning told me to get off certain paths I was headed down..But my heart just wouldn't concur..So I guess I can say that in the past,my "heart" ruled over my "head.".

Increasingly I can feel my Brain fighting back to gain be the one that declares the last word..Getting older? wiser? or perhaps more paranoid? I m starting to think that sometimes the obvious is so obvious that we ignore it.Lessons in "attention to detail " perhaps?

So what about the "Zero tolerance vs Compromise" argument. I actually admire girls that strive for the former..Being the route with more risk, does it translate to producing greater rewards?

So maybe its all a jigsaw puzzle..If it clicks..amazing...Otherwise, mayhem..Sometimes it almost clicks, but not quite..But instead of listening to our "Brains"..We use our "hearts", "compromise" and try and squeeze into fit..Almost like trying to fit into those shoes that fit, but not quite..Thing is we don't know the difference until we try on another pair of shoes that are just right...Then it dawns on us how un-right that other pair was.

If you go home with the "almost right" pair of shoes, because they were beautiful, sexy and all that good stuff..How long before you give them up in lieu of the pair that you know are just right?OR maybe "compromise" comes in now that you've tried, tested and bought the shoes?

Ok,too much talk about shoes..If it doesn't fit, jump out the boat and try again..You just might find that there's plenty of God-fearing,well-groomed, intelligent, witty, attractive, ambituous fish in the sea...OR you might end up with an empty net...

But at least you tried..surely you cannot lose points for that?
If your heart gets broken,Toni Braxton can always come to your rescue.................................................................

I know, too many questions...???????????????


Olawunmi said...

you're so deep

Melvin Malazarte said...

Haha, just passed by and felt that we're on the same boat. :D