Saturday, August 12, 2006


Just spent the week away from London..
Feel so much better now..
So much so that I'm ready to re-enter my world now..
Still something missing though..
Still can't place my finger on it.

I'm 24 in two weeks.
Still don't feel a day over
Next stop..25...
Hmm, I'm quietly excited..
Soon...The aunts and uncles are going to start asking for my other half.
I have more than a dozen distasteful retorts for any mis-probing questions..

Do they think I'm sitting with my hands crossed doing nothing?
Actually, thats exactly what I'm
After all,he needs to get his head straight and convince me..(she winks)
No fun when it's the other way round..
Go figure..!

Anyway, new year, new job..
Seems like a good time to stuff in some resolutions..
Watch This Space..

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