Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Who moved my Cheese?

As another summer draws to a close, I can't help but wonder what this years' souveneirs will be..I've had countless conversations along the lines of "Do you remember the summer when we did...or when they..or when we went.."These precious keepsakes are undoubtedly as important as the sunshine itself.Admittedly, these welcome souveneirs are decreasing at an alarming rate..I'm sure not looking forward to the phase when one summer is just like another..Euwww..sends shivers down by spine just to think about it..

In all fairness, this summer, albeit in a different way, has been very important in its own way..So I suspect when I flip back the history books, this summer will definitely stand its ground in the charts..2002 has probably been the most memorable summer for me, till date ;-)

Anyway, as I look into the not too distant future, I admit that I will have to fight to make my summers count...Trips abroad, sightseeing on London tour buses..whatever..I just won't let this inertia gripping environment take me down with it..You know?

I just don't understand folks that don't travel and don't like Music..(As I speak I'm watching Lick classics on MTV base...some of the songs are taking me back a few summers..Music happens to provide some of the best souvenirs of summers well spent)..

Isn't it weird how some people just vanish from your life? Even weirder how sometimes we don't even notice that these people have gone down under until their name comes up in conversation randomly..Just bizarre how one era ends and another one begins and we just don't know..Can you ascertain the exact moment when you fell in love with Mr or Ms X? Looking back, can you tell when you fell out of love with your ex? Hmm, obviously assuming that you've moved on.Some people still reside in the past..

Life just seems to move on with or without our permission..Summers come and go..Years come and go..Partners come and go as do Friends...All we can do is seize and enjoy the moments so we can look back and smile..On this journey called life, all we can do is make sure we keep on top of the game..Prob a bit calculating..but I sure hope I outgrow more people than outgrow me..It's almost a race..But as long as you know God has your don't have to worry..The race is not always to the swift..

Change is the only element thats we have to embrace it..Building castles one brick at a time..

Life's what we make of it...It's a beautiful thing...

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