Saturday, August 12, 2006


Ok.Now give me the base line..
It's a Hard Knock Life for
Is the glass half full or half empty?
Well, most of us..In my opinion will live our lives out depending on which side of the fence we belong to..
Some people say Mr. Romance is dead...I prefer to think that he's sleeping.
It all depends really..
Take L.A for example..He thinks I'm a difficult, stress-full, emotionally high maintenance sister..and whereas I don't have sufficient data points to prove him utterly wrong..I have evidence that suggests that with the right matrix, I can be part of a composite structure that is both formidable and weather again).

I look at successful people who once upon a time seemed to be no good..and my conclusion still hovers around the fact that you still need to know what side of the fence you belong to..Confidence,self-belief and a strong mind-set you can't buy from Portobello market..Sometimes, I ask myself "Ifeanyichukwu, what is your story??" If one does not have one's story straight in one's is left open for alien infections of all sorts..So when that fine looking brother with the "S" on his chest tells me he thinks I should be more laid back..I'll laugh politely and focus on my story...

Thing is though..some us balance unevenly on the fine line that is called sanity..So it helps to have at least one other person that buys into your story...Now is when the complications mount up..The variables that exist make the equations complex.Great, when you have your family on your side, it sure does make life easier..But somehow, they have to buy your maybe in as much as they count the most...on some angles, you can equate them = negligible(lol, let my mother read that)..

So we spend most our lives trying to balance the following equation

Love+ Value system = Partner + Soul mate

If any one of these blocks are skewed, the equation shifts out of balance..

So, in typical human style...we (ignorantly) look for the balanced(finished) equation..Only to stop and think..Hold on a second..Acid + Alkali= Salt and Water..However,this equation does not start out balanced..You start off with too little salt and gradually, the equation shifts to the right until we achieve the balanced state...And most of all, for all this to happen "Energy(Work)" has to be applied..If energy is not applied, the acid and alkali remain exactly as they are..

In true twenty-first century style, we all want "everything" and we want it now..!!For two individuals to undergo a true merger(and not an acquisition), "Work" needs to be done on both sides..Arguably, sometimes, the "energy" required for some mergers make the whole effort unfeasible and a waste of time..I guess that's where due diligence comes in..Not forgetting the basics, God and common sense..

Everything we have, we will have to work for..Easy come,easy go..That applies to Everything..

So we decide,will it be easier to empty out the rest of the glass or do we just put the work in and fill up the already half-filled glass..


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