Friday, August 25, 2006

Pre-birthdayocratic yarns

It's my birthday tomorrow..Try as I may, I can never take the onslaught of this day unseriously enough..I'm always expectant..After all, God decided on that day xxxxx years ago, life as I knew it would change..So I celebrate in the knowledge that He has kept me through another year, filling me with purpose.August is an amazing month to be born in, and you just have to be one of us to understand..

My yardstick for success and happiness is obviously very different from the next mans' but I thank God because he always shows Grace and comes through for me.Funny though that I still remember my tenth birthday with so much clarity.It's intriguing to think about the concept of time and how we can't do anything to slow or quicken its pace..The day will tick away regardless of your mood..In a way, knowing this is almost soothing in itself...One hour will always be sixty minutes which will always be sixty seconds..

Life isn't that consistent..In fact, we've always heard that the only thing constant in life is change.So sometimes I like to focus and enjoy who I am today, harbouring at the back of mind that this will truly affect what I am tomorrow.How? I might not know. But lets just say a dog will never give birth to cats..

Thing is some people think they can only trust themselves..I say you can only trust God because when push comes to shove..even you can disappoint "you"..

Another birthday is going to come and go..I have no idea where I'll be this time next year..All I know is that regret-free, I'll look back and smile..because everyday was part if the process..

Friends come, friends go..Hearts break and mend again..the clock ticks steadfastly away..and Ify will continue to surprise herself and those who care to indulge..


chibs said...

Happy birthday! God that directs paths will continue to direct your own.

Vera said...

Happy birthday oh. God indeed always comes through.

uchenna said...

Thanks Guys!