Monday, August 14, 2006


So,half way through a purely rhetorical conversation about men, my Cameroonian friend(who shall remain nameless) comments that she doesn't understand why Nigerians are so obsessed about Money an Marriage(in that order)..This made me laugh, although I couldn't help thinking that there was some truth to the rather random statement!

Apparently, she does not understand why Nigerian men are always full of giant ideas. They have huge ideas and think they can go from paupers to princes in one swift move.Before I had the chance to fully rumminate these comments, she admitted that she did want to move back home- to a big house with a swimming pool..Hmm, so I thought, so maybe its not only the Nigerians who dream big?

Whats a man or woman for that matter without dreams? hopes? etcetera, etcetera....But my question is "When can you identify a dreamer as just that, and nothing more" 32? 35? 38? At what age can you look at a man and say to him..wake up and get a job, you're never going to be president!Well, at least not if you carry on down this path...Most women like security so admittedly, its quite bizarre to handle a 32 year old with zero track record but a head full of lofty ideas.You've never had a job, you didn't do well at school, ok you talk the talk, but when do you start walking the walk...??

In the perfect world, a man with dreams would be perfect companion because every great idea started from a simple dream.But who really wants to get stuffed with a truck full of dreams when there are bills to be paid.?

Anyway, on to this issue of the M&M's..Marriage and Money...
Actually, I'm on the phone with Goose..I'll finish it later!

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