Friday, November 17, 2006

The B-word

Ok.Started this piece talking about work but got bored so scrap that!! My day? How has it been? Well, slept at 1.30 am this morning sending text messages half way across Europe..Ask me why I had to? No reply! I’m 24, have a half decent job and some amazing friends. I go to a wonderful church, still live at home with my family and my mum’s teaching me how to drive. So why on earth am I so bored??? Went to see 007 yesterday with a friend who I hope intends to stay a only say this because this is the second time he’s asked me out this week. The first time he took me, or should I say, I escorted him to a Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition which was very nice and I have to admit, I thoroughly enjoyed myself . I went to a University in South Kensington and I don’t believe I didn’t take advantage of the free access that studying close to all these amazing museums offered. Also, the natural history museum have put out an ice rink and people were skating to the sounds of some beautiful Christmas tunes. This is the London I have come to love. London is amazing, exciting and there’s tonnes to do. Every postcode is pregnant with discoveries waiting to be explored. London is a truly metroploitan city with different cultures coexisting in sometimes questionable One doesn’t have to travel to India to get a flavour of the Asian way of life-venture to Southall, the Greeks-Wood Green, Nigeria-Peckham, French-South Kensington, Spanish-Notting Hill. There is so much to do!! So am I and a lot of my friends guilty of using the B-word?? How can we say there’s nothing to do? We’re older and life has moved past the bi-weekly hot parties that would be the toast of the Nigerian circle. We have to move on to. Most parties I’ve had the pleasure of attending this year have been boring and flat..In fact, I didn’t bother having a party on my birthday because frankly, its all BORING now! So what is the problem?? WE are the problem. I have refused to wake up and explore the beauty that God has put around me-parks, museums, theatres-all amazing. Why do we all clamber to the same places when there’s a city out here waiting to be explored.??In the next year or so, I aim to discover London and what it means to me-next year will mark a decade I have lived here and I plan to make it COUNT.I wish I could propose a panacea for the current boredom that is infecting my peer group but we’d have to be guillotined for that to happen!The movement to fight this disease has started though. We need a phalanx of some magnitude to stand up and refuse to let the beauty of this town be lost on us. But that’s just it, you need to be part of a rather unique coterie of Nigerians to sell this idea effectively. Going to the theatre and exploring history on your own will be dirt boring..So you either find a way to inspire your friends or get a man who understands and is willing to learn with you. If he knows a wee bit himself, then good.Let me deviate for a second or maybe a long minute..I did warn of a Please where can I find a man who loves music, loves art, respects God and thinks with his heart(lol-thanks Indie Arie) and can afford to show me things I haven’t seen before? I can’t remember the last time anybody swept me off my feet..?? Maybe, I’m asking for too much? Are my standards too high? I accept that many guys have the right ideas but need the financial backing to make these dreams come to life. Well, get on with it!! It’s a man’s world but I still maintain my right to be wooed beyond my imagination. I’ve set my sights high and I understand that I have to break out of my current mould to find the kind of guys I’m looking for. And please don’t confuse this with marriage or anything else..I just want to know that when it comes to guys, I’ve met the full spectrum. And how can you settle down when you haven’t been swept off your feet? And truly, although most guys think it’s expensive to make an effort, I personally think that this is a weak attempt to cover up for their lack of creativity. Personally, I’m not on this marriage train at all..I haven’t seen the works yet and I’m not handing over my “single” hat that easily!! Admittedly, there have been times where I wished I had a knight in shining armour but really that could pose more trouble than its worth. Yup-is this a risky way to think about things? Probably! But life is worth living and you’re only legitimately SINGLE once and I intend to maximise my ticket. I probably don’t even know how to be a “girlfriend” but I’m sure it can’t be be Chemistry though..I want the guy I’m with to have made and EFFORT and these days? Why should they? There are just TOO MANY girls!! I’ll wait though-just have to learn to be patient and take this race one at a time..Being single is actually pseudo-addictive..Its difficult to get over the “You just never know”..I see a nice dark guy and I’m like..I, I’m just loopy…Anyway, I have deviated yet again..

All I’m saying is that London is one of the best cities in the world and I love it to bits..I may say I don’t and I do think its too cold but what can I say..there’s always that thin enjoy the city though, you have to have the right company and really the right man can turn this city into any dream you’ve ever had..I probably spend my time day-dreaming more than the average person-so really I want me some of that.

Another weekend..lets see what the cat brings in..


Monotony said...

I just noticed your alias Menina???
Was thinking of going to an open mic night this christmas- if ur in Lagos is it something u'd like to organise, cuz I dont want to be the protagonist I just want to be an excited attendee??
Yes my dear there are a lot of things we have missed out on over the years, that I can agree with because we are still in a place called 'narrowville' with its many comforts. Sometimes I think if you explore yourself fully, then you become somewhat explorable. Simply said, a lot can be done on your own... It's all about breaking out of your comfort zone. No one can appreciate the new as much as you. In saying that being a LONER is not a signature fashion statement....

Menina Aleatória said...


That would be too much work for me I'm afraid..Would also love to be the thrilled attendee..Maybe we can find someone to volunteer.

Well, we live, get older and hopefully gain wisdom.