Thursday, November 23, 2006


So, its Thanksgiving today and although I’m no where near being American, I know I have a lot to be thankful about.
  • I’m Thankful to God for being there for me from the beginning of time-Father, you know I’ll Love you always. You pick me up and wash me when nobody else will, reinventing me when they’ve all turned their backs. I thank you Lord for sticking with me even though I’ve messed up every step of the way. I’m grateful for because you make ALL my hearts desires come to pass. You keep me strong always and out of harms way. Father, I will always be in love with you. You knew me even before I was formed and Lord, you’re the one in whom I move and have my being. I just hope someday Father, I’ll make you proud although I know I can never be grateful enough.
  • I’m Thankful to my mother because she has been the best role model any child could ever ask for. Most character defining traits I know I got from watching my mother working hard while putting her children first. I have always been given the best even if it came at the expense of your comfort and most things you hold dear. You’ve loved me, correcting me in love every time you saw fit. You taught how to read my Bible and surely that’s the greatest of all gifts. You showed me that everything is possible If I hand my life over to God. You showed me that being the head comes with responsibility and sacrifice to gain the respect. You’ve given me space to make my mistakes and surely now I have a mind of my own. Your life has not been easy but you’re always smiling and making us laugh. Even the smallest things you do sometimes I realise I’ll never forget. A woman of principle and surely one of the world’s finest. I know that God surely make sure you reap every seed you’ve sowed to make sure I’m who I am today. You’ve stayed beautiful through it all, surely I have no excuse…Words cannot express.
  • I’m Thankful to my dad because he’s always there. Being a man doesn’t come easy but I’ve never doubted for one day that you love more than words can say. As a kid, you told me stories and taught me games that I’ll play until the day I’m gone. You’re not perfect dad, but you’re the best in the world. I haven’t always listened to you but as soon as I hit a roadblock you come running to pick me up. We have our fights but through it all you’ve shown love and patience. God chose you to give me life and when I look in the mirror –I have to say “Dad, you did a mighty fine job”. I can tell you anything and still you don’t judge. You don’t rule in fear and I appreciate that you let me make my decisions. You think I’ve forgotten how you went the extra mile all those years but no-I never forget. I have such a long way to go dad but I know you’ll be rooting for me.
  • Sisters- Love you more you think you know. I truly don’t understand how you give me more than you have always. You’re always there doing things that break your back. When I’m moody, you’re the ones I take it out on, but you never judge me for it. Sometimes, I forget to be grateful but your hearts still stay open. Of course, we have our fights but we’re never angry for long. You guys are smart and beautiful women and I don’t I can’t even compare. I’m glad to have come before because you guys inspire me daily…breaking down boundaries, showing consistence, dedication and dilligence..all the way, all the time. We’re always sisters, always friends. Lets stay real close to the end.
  • Brothers- The pride of my life. I can’t believe how gorgeous you guys are. You will make us proud. You will be men of valour and no one will be able to hold you down. When you’re around, I always feel the difference. Forever able to help and asking for nothing in return. You’re young but you are truly two of the most important men in my life. When I think of you-my heart beat accelerates because I know I’ll give anything to see you happy. Good men are hard to find-thank you for loving me.
  • BA- You’re my cousin but you’re really my sis. Thank you for teaching me so much even though you’ve always thought it was the other way round. When I left CJ and had nowhere to turn, you showed me that life can still be fun and really those years-I had the time of my life! You never judge me although you’re never afraid to let me know what you think. I thank God for you and I love you, but you knew this already. We have the most amazing conversations and we’ve been through so much together. Do you remember chilling in Holborn, broke and hungry? Lol-what can I say? We did what he had to do. We still have many milestones ahead of us but just want you to know-I’ll always be there.
  • TM & BS- Being my friend is surely a task and a half but you guys are there for me when I think the whole world’s gone crazy! Different as both of you are, you complete me and really-I’d change nothing at all. T-we catch the maddest trips and you just never complain. As far as girls go, you’re one of the most sensible ones I know. I push you but you just never break. Not even one argument-I’m grateful, I just want you to know. You listen as I navigate through the randomness that can be my life and at the end-what a laugh-no judging at all. We started this JH together and really its been great. Don’t forget our plans to have babies at the same time. The guys don’t need to know.B-Your pearls of wisdom have kept me through the storms and you’re just so sensible-you’re younger but I’ve learnt so much. Even the things you don’t say have showed me so much and I know that when I need an opinion-yours is as solid as gold. You girls really complete me and really I thank God for bringing us together-Ride or die!
  • CJ-You were my first and really you set the pace. You treated me like a queen and showed me what life can be life when a guy makes you his all. I know we ended badly but still I never forget-four years of loving, living and learning-lessons I’ll take with me to the grave. You taught me about “us” and giving selfelssly..You showed me that guys can change and Love really is power. I know I was young and could have done things better-but really I apologise for all the pain that I know still resides. I know you’ll love me forever just because I do. 143.CJ.143.
  • JA- You’ve been there for me J-showed me that really a girl can be spoilt and treated like a flower. I see how I light up your eyes even to this day and I marvel because I know you love me. Amazing, after all these years. We’ve grown and we’ve shared and we’ve laughed-You’re my rock even though I never tell you this. I know you hold me above every other girl even to this day and I know I don’t deserve it but I’ll always be there. All those valentines made special by you even when we weren’t together-No one else on this earth has spoilt me as much as you. The flowers..the for me..presents I’ll keep forever…J-you’re more than a gem..I know you don’t like this but really you’re almost like my bro-Thanks, words fail at this point.
  • LA-It’s been two years since our paths crossed and I hope we have more. You’ve been more than a friend although sometimes I wish you were more. We’re two peas in a pod and this road has been rocky, but somehow we always seem to come through the storm.Even when we’ve wandered our different ways-It’s been comforting knowing you always be there.I’m struggling for words because sometimes its hard to describe the bond that we shared. I thank you for always being truthful to me and always listening to me through my rants and all that. Even when all the odds are against, you’ve trusted me and I find that hard to digest. It gives me comfort to know that somehow, we’ll always stay friend..even if we decide that its with other people our destinies lie. I thank God for bringing me across you because you were the first guy who taught me that a girl and a guy can exist without the need for the coital so and so’s. We play fight and have a laugh and really it’s great..even your pancakes are amazing and the pasta you make.Now-I try to live by principles that you’ve taught me so far, and its so much easier because really,I know it can be done. LA-I thank you being there for me even if it was against your better judgement.
  • BK-I’m thankful to you because you’re more than a rock. You’ve been there for me somehow-regardless. I really don’t get it and to be honest-It scares me a bit. But I accept you for you and we just flow like that. All those times, when no one would listen to me moan about work-you would. You’re so patient and I don’t think I could have gone through that year without you. Even when I was stroppy and unkind. BK-you would stick. Especially when I’ve given you nothing in return. I’ll really make it up to you, truly I will. I know I mean the world to you so I’ll make it count. Thank you so much and I know there’ll be so much more.
  • RBOARF-Hmm. My twin, SM-What can I say? I have never met anyone who understood me so seamlessly. We’re two sides of the same coin and I’m amazed by how much we click. I know we have our arguments but that makes it so much fun-even if you live 3000 miles away. Thank you for coming to see me. Those were truly two of the best weeks this year. I thank you for all the support and care you’ve shown me since we met. I was truly bowled over and you’re really a dream and I appreciate that you keep on coming back even after the rude phone calls. Everybody loves you because you’re so well behaved. I think you’re mum has done a fab job indeed. When we’re in our eighties and still having a blast.RBOARF-we’ll know that we kept our promise to stick till the end.
  • NO, TA & FO-Guys, guys, guys-You three are amazing. You’ve made all the difference-Thank you so much for listening and just being there.
  • PO-Thanks a lot. You’re truly the nicest guy I know and I’m sure without a doubt that you’ll always be there. I’m so lucky it’s me that you love and sometimes I wish I could…… You’re more than a gem. You know the Bible so well and my grandma loves you to bits. We have such a laugh and when we fight-its deep..Thank you for always coming back and for treating me like a princess-It’s more than I can ask for.
  • To the man of my dreams: Lol-I thank you because I know you’re coming for me. Every day, I pray that our paths cross at just the right time. I might have even met you, but anyone’s guess is just as good as mine. I ask God to keep you safe and secure from danger, especially from all those girls who will most certainly break your heart! I’m waiting for you because you have to find me and in the mean time I’ll dream of sugar and all things so nice.

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dellysangel said...

Its amazing how you have, quite impressively summarised twenty erm erm four years of life.

Any one that knows you would totally get this.

p.s. 143 too