Thursday, November 02, 2006

Table Conversation

Somewhere between entrees and desert last night-It struck me as things often do before I come to terms with them-I can only do me(which is a slightly plagiarised term from There were three of us on the table, all female-and this girl was going on an on about different designer labels, guys with extremely large pockets and shops I didn’t even know existed in this town! Bored to death and restless- I tried unsuccessfully to change the subject, as selfish as that might sound! Somewhere along the line, for the sake of inclusiveness-she poses the question “Wouldn’t you buy a GBP 1500 dress. Instantaneously, I replied “Of course not”..Simutaneously, a list of things which I would happily do with 1500 pounds flashed before my eyes. We quickly moved on to GBP 600 shoes from a designer whose name I can’t remember…On and on and on..I just felt lost..So as I do, I decided to relegate my mind to observer It occurred to me that there as just so many paradigms to life and you just have to find the one you belong to. I could not consistently hang out with people who talked endlessly about shoes, clothes and who name dropped(not that we are all not guilty of this on some level, but please with moderation!) at every chance they get. Honestly, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with discussing those issues if those are the things you enjoy-after all, after watching “The devil wears prada”-I know there’s more to a glamour magazine than the pages! Tis just that personally, I just wouldn’t be able to keep up with that kind of conversation. I remarked somewhere along the line that Primark clothes aren’t half bad if you’re looking for cheap and cheerful sort of numbers. Understandably, she didn’t see why anyone would be caught dead in a store like that! Admittedly, I laughed to myself cos I really can’ tell the difference between cheap and cheerful or expensive and Obviously, there has to be a balance-I would never expect anyone to buy all their stuff from Primark, but I’ve been in there and come out with a few things. I really thank God for the friends I have because we really don’t feel the need to fierily follow fashion trends. We all want the good things in life but we firmly believe that there’s a time and place for everything. I like to think that we still look nice and pleasant even though we don’t spend hours trawling through unspeakable designer outlets. In my paradigm, those things just don’t matter. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with stumbling upon a shop and falling in love with it-I know some people who will only wear Levi’s or who will only buy bags over a certain price range. I’ve gone into a shop many times and come out with an ultra-expensive “IA-have you gone mad” item but it just gets relegated like everything in my wardrobe until someone points out-Oh, my gosh, your bag is from ABC-and I decide, maybe this bag is worth putting in a cloth some level, I think as we get older, our tastes evolve and really, I’m starting to see that with my self. But I still wouldn’t make clothes, bags, shoes et al my preferred table conversation. Funny thing is, when the bill finally arrived- all the airs and graces were vanquished as she barely had her portion of the bill. Walking away that evening-I just thought “Why carry a GBP 1500 bag and have no money to put in it???????

I can only do me. It’s easy to get drawn in to other people’s paradigms but after all said and done-I can only do


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Errata said...

My gosh. I can so appreciate this entry as I experienced a similar outing last night where I had complimented this oaf on her shoes which she swiftly turned into a negative tirade, successively redeeming herself -or trying to anyways- by proclaiming "these are the little things".. in reference to said shoes but guess who had cash and who had to pay on credit at the end of the night?

All these poseurs are just something else. If youve gotta talk about it, you must not be about it.

uchenna said...