Friday, November 03, 2006

I have a dream..

I’ll always be proud to be Nigerian because God ordained it so.I have to admit though that the Nigerian story is one that is saturated with ironical nuances and tragic admissions. How can a country that was given so much continue to realise so little? How can we be a net importer of energy products?coffee? and all the other things I have no idea about. Why is poverty rampant and why do the people suffer so? How long does this have to last and when will we see the light at the end of the tunnel. All we need are a few good men to stand in the gap. This mission will probably cost them their lives but maybe just maybe, people will get the message. Admittedly, I wasn’t the world’s most focused history student but I do know that human nature is human nature. From the little I know of British history, I acknowledge that there was a time when Great Britain stood where we stand now. There will always be corrupt, greedy and one-tracked minded individuals lining the fabric of a society’s make-up so we can’t continue to use that as an excuse! How do we move on from here? Who will be prepared to make the sacrifice? I’m under no illusions. Blood will be shed for this cause! When will Nigerians pause long enough to operate as one body relegating the cultural differences that divide us to focus on a common goal? When will we have educated leaders who map out a well structured plan to move my country forward? Will this happen in my lifetime? Will my kids be proud to be associated with the Giant of Africa? People talk. Talk is cheap when it has no substance. How did the Great Britain of yesterday evolve into what we have today? Are there lessons to be learnt? Who will be the catalyst of change? What can I do? When will people stop being short sighted and focus on the long term? When will we stop trusting outsiders more than we trust our fellow men? Nigerians are everywhere, in every work of life and city that stands on this earth. A Nigerian has even been to space! Who will be prepared to give their life for this cause? When will we embrace the Nigerian identity and realise that as a tem we will all be empowered. Next year will be important for Nigeria and the whole world will be watching to see if we can get our act together. All I have are questions and the same applies for most other people. Its time we actively pursued the answers that will take us one step further. It’s time to silence our critics for good. This will not be easy…Minds have to evolve- we have to move on and focus on the big picture. So what if you marry someone from a different culture? Why do we let our parents dictate our lives even though we claim adult status? Why are we afraid to go against the grain and think things through ourselves. Its time to decide what we will be remembered for. I don’t think those that came before me have given me much to be proud for. 1960 was 46 years ago and we’re still stuck in the same cycle. It’s time to stand accountable and snatch the reins of power from the outdated and backward minds that threaten to run us to the ground! Why can’t we channel out differences into fuel that will drive change in our time? Will I see Nigeria change in my lifetime? When will the winds of change embalm our land? I pray for a generational renewal. I pray for the spirit of optimism. I pray that when the time comes, I have the strength to play my part regardless of what small a magnitude it may represent.

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darrell said...

I saw a article with this speech in the late 1980's so it been common knowledge in quite a few circles.